SeniorSuoja – In favour of responsible customer service in direct sales

SeniorSuoja is the first Finnish direct sales certificate, which was developed on the basis of consumer and reference group feedback.

Our mission is to offer clear rules and fair steps for direct sales that is directed to senior citizens.


SeniorSuoja – In favour of responsible customer service in direct sales


The vision for the future is that SeniorSuoja can offer better customer service for everybody. The values of SeniorSuoja make customer encounters safe, reliable and comfortable, especially for senior citizens but also for other consumers.


Customer oriented solutions and services

Customers usually choose to cooperate with people who best understand their needs and help them find the best possible solution with lowest possible pressure. The companies must understand their customers’ needs and listen what they wish for. That way everyone gets a chance to offer flexible solutions and services, which the customers genuinely need.

Genuine service approach

Customers think highly of companies, who really make an effort to understand them and whose operation is better than expected. SeniorSuoja offers a possibility to distinguish from others by serving the customers in a more humane manner than they are used to. Responsible companies deliver to customers the exact product or service that is important and necessary for them.


To clear the bad reputation of direct sales and thus retrieve the appreciation of sales and customer service back to the level it deserves.

Background information on SeniorSuoja

I have been working in direct sale customer service during three decades already. The best and most rewarding moments in my work have been the tens of thousands of customer encounters and the moments spent with customers. I have been able to serve thousands of happy customers with different services and articles all over Finland from Hanko to Enontekiö. I have not left any customer without making sure that they have understood their own or their families’ needs or ever had guilty conscience about the service supplied. Happy customers respect the method of working with the customer, high morale and idea that can be put into a few words: “In every customer meeting, take care that the customer feels better after the meeting than before it.”

Sales work and especially home sales has been experiencing difficult times during the last 5-10 years. We all probably know some old people who have had to experience a lot of pressure from the sales personnel, uncomfortable and long sales sessions in their own homes. As we all know, there are all kinds of sales people and companies in the industry and some of them don’t have a sense of morale at all. There have been a lot of articles in papers about companies that are using questionable sales principles. Even the consumer complaint officers have had to get involved in the operation of some companies. Despite of that, some companies continue to use aggressive sales politics, which they have always used.

It is also important to keep in mind that not all sales people are spineless and aggressive customer teasers. There’s a huge amount of honest and professional men and women working in sales, people who are trying to support their families with honest work and trading. Most of them are just regular people, your friends, neighbours, spouses and relatives, who are supportive and willing to listen to your and also the customers’ joys and worries, free of charge. Sales work is mentally exhausting and demanding job, which only really suites a few people. At its best the work is really rewarding. I don’t mean moneywise, but the thousands of moments spent with customers sharing life stories, gentle moments, tears, but even more laughter and splendid feelings, which are not so common in some other line of work.

Finnish customers at their best are open, talkative, funny persons with a great sense of humour – like friends, who make time fly. This description is far from the impression that people usually have of Finnish people. I have to thank all of you for helping me to go on for so long. You make all my days different, challenging, rewarding and interesting. Because of you this job has become my lifelong love story and I am totally addicted to it.

By creating SeniorSuoja and its values I want to thank you all for the invaluable moments that I have spent with my customers.

Yours sincerely, The developer of SeniorSuoja
Jori Vettenranta
Entrepreneur, business coach, father of three children


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